and the winner is…

I don’t believe I have ever heard of the Worst Awful Public-Space landscape award so I have invented the it: the WAPS award. I wont say who the recipient is because I occasionally consult for his firm(although I do hope he reads this). He probably doesn’t want anyone to know he did the design anyway, its so bad. But with a little sleuthing, you can find out who it is. The space is the median on highway 21 south of Bogalusa, Louisiana. My guess is a state senator got this project done around election time so his constituents would know he was trying to pretty up the place.


Whoever it was that spearheaded the design needs some scolding. I drive this route on my way to the farm in Mississippi pretty regularly. I know what is on this highway, botanically. I have collected seed of some special plants when the mowing crews are late to cut them down. Usually the mower crews come just as all of the good stuff is looking good.

I watched with curiosity, as the concrete forms were built and loads of concrete was poured and plants were planted by the hundreds and watered and watered and watered. UGh!!!!

There are about five of these massive concrete gardens, a mile or two apart. Half of the plants have died and the ones that made it were mostly Miscanthus(its commonly called the pleasant name of “maiden grass”). Only problem with maiden grass is it was cool to plant back in the late eighties and early nineties: in ancient times. What we found out about this chinese plant is that it eventually starts to make viable seeds and then it starts to move around and then it, yes, makes more seeds. It becomes adapted and invasive in time.

Even if the plants had all lived, this design was purely garbage and a waste of what I suspect was taxpayers dollars. But even if it was built with private funds, it has been executed on public land and is an insult to the land that it was built on. I won’t say that the designer( a registered Louisiana landscape architect) should be taken outside and shot, but I would at least use some kind of Stalinist torture method on the guy.

Who was going to weed these big-ass beds, anyway?

Maybe the landscape architect should have to plant five thousand maiden grass plants in his own yard for his punishment. He should then have to form and pour a fifteen inch border of concrete around the entire planting.  Just so it will be “real nice”.

What an knucklehead.

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