Bruno shoots, he scores!!

My friend Bruno Borsari is a biology professor at University of Minnesota, Winona recently received word that our article written by Bruno, Neil Mundahl, Malcolm Vidrine and myself, and submitted to The Prairie Naturalist Journal, has been accepted and will be published in October!

Bruno is from Italy via Africa(he met his cajun wife while working for the Peace Corps in Africa). He got involved with prairie ecology while doing the work for his Phd., at the University of Louisiana in Eunice. He met Malcolm Vidrine there and Mac pulled him in under his wing, kind of like Mac did me. Anyway, Bruno had a pretty bad experience with neighbors upset with his front yard garden. He was growing all of these glorious prairie plants in his front yard and the neighbors brought him to court to get him to mow it since he refused to do so otherwise. Its a long story but it taught him something about how some people perceive prairie “weeds”. So all these years later, he wants to produce this paper and it has a trail that reaches back in time to his front yard prairie.

The article is about using prairie in the urban setting as a teaching tool, to bring the water to the horse, so to speak. Most city folks don’t know what wild things are and don’t want wild thing around them. I guess some people think that green grasses( I aint talkin’ lawn, here) and insects aren’t necessary to survival. Well, duh folks. They are! Get yer butts up, get out the door and take a walk on the wild side.

The article is a bit long. People who read The Prairie Naturalist like it that way. Seriously, if you think it’s long now, you should have seen it before we edited it nine times.

for the entire article of  

The Significance of Micro-Prairie Reconstruction in Urban Environments

(sorry. had to delete the link from my blogsite due to copy right. The U. of South Dakota owns it now and will post it permanently on their website in October 2013. i will reconnect the link then

(click on link


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