if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

For about fifteen years, now, I’ve been working pretty diligently to build a seed market for upland herbaceous flora: prairie and pine savanna. Its been an uphill battle (get it?). But I am presently winning. But recently I learned through a couple of my good friends that I have some species in some of my mixes that are considered wetland species. Wetlands are where the money is. And for good reason. Clean water is pretty important to survival and sometimes we don’t see the connection. But its there.

So I decided I aught to look at wetland work and sneak in the upland stuff when the opportunity presents itself. I did my first harvest with the big machine yesterday and it came out well. I collected about fifteen pounds of a mix from my field in a control area where no seed had been planted and all of the species that regenerated were a natural result from the introduction of controlled burns over the last fifteen years. A great mix it was, with Eliocharis, rushes, sedges, but mostly Rhynchospera(beaked rush/beaked sedge).







it would have taken me an entire day to gather this up by hand.

ahh…the sweet smell of success.

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